The three ‘R’s' of Reactive Media.


Reactive media… what is it, and as an organisation - do I need to do anything about it?

To understand what reactive media is, we have to start with proactive media. Proactive media is when you send a story out to the media - it’s the issuing of your own press release, publishing a letter to the editor or sending out a media alert. You’re being proactive about creating the news.

Reactive media is all about reacting to stories that are already in the news, that might be related to your industry. It allows you to put out statements, add comment or issue a press release - to seize media opportunities and boost your public relations profile - through a reactive process.

There are three ‘R’s’ when it comes to reactive media that every organisation should be aware of  to best maximise media coverage opportunities.


You should be aware of every news story that is relevant to your organisation and industry - every day!

Do your news research to ensure you know the best timings and best approach to react to a media story, weighing in on the public conversation.

Platforms like Twitter, daily news websites and setting up Google Alerts are all great tools to help you research news and media daily.


To capitalise on reactive media and get your statement or comment in the mix - it’s important to be ready to go when the opportunity strikes. 

Having templates in place that allow you to draft and approve comments quickly, and get them to  media contacts in a timely manner, is imperative.

Deciding on, and building your public relations process in advance is crucial to maximise your reactive media opportunities.


The final R is REACT! The most important thing you need to do is get your statement out there - quickly. Send your release to the media, post it on your website, share your comments on socials. 

A big part of boosting your profile and media coverage through reactive media is being confident to share your opinion and your statements. Don’t be shy - get your thoughts on as many platforms as you can.

It’s crucial mindful of the three ‘R’s”, to keep a sharp eye on the news in your industry, and be ready to act on opportunities you have to add to media stories - harnessing reactive media allows you to become a leading commentator in your field. 

Katie Clift

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