PR is all about persistency.


What many of us don’t realise when it comes to public relations and media for our organisation is that the real wins come from persistency.

Being persistent - and patient - when it comes to public relations is absolutely key to seeing long-term gains in brand recognition, awareness, buy-in and trust with your organisation - and you as an individual.

It’s not a one-off media release, radio interview or TV spot that is going to build your brand or PR reputation - it’s all about persistency.

PR is an investment that needs to be made by every organisation, business and individual sharing messages or services with the public. It’s different to a one-off ad campaign or focused paid marketing spend.

PR is about how you appear as a whole to the public - it’s everything that you say or do - a wholistic view of how you appear to the public and the media. 

PR includes everything you post on social media, to how you are quoted in a newspaper, to how you treat staff, and everyday acquaintances in everyday life.

And when it comes to a good PR strategy, you need to be prepared to invest for the long term. 

Ask yourself: have you been approaching your PR as a long-term investment, or simply for short-term wins?

Seeing results from PR can happen in short, sharp bursts - and also over the long-term. If we want to build and maintain a solid relationship with our audiences, consumers and the media - our publics - we have to be persistent and patient, working at it every single day.

Katie Clift

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