#PRPROTIP: What is a media win?


How do you accurately measure a win in your media or public relations strategy?

Should success be based on the number of media mentions about your company every month, the potential reach/awareness of your total media activities combined, or perhaps something more specific – like an exact increase of leads or sales you saw throughout your campaign?

It can be hard to measure the value, worth and total wins of a public relations campaign – especially if you compare your results to other forms of marketing or advertising, or even the performance of other similar businesses in your industry. 

Fortunately – what defines a media win in public relations is up to you. There is no formula, no exact measurement or pre-disposed metric. It is entirely subjective.

In fact, identifying what you and your business consider to be a media win before your PR campaign even begins is absolutely invaluable. The results you want to achieve from your media strategy determine how that strategy is executed – from the types of pitches to timing, development, target contacts and even follow-up. 

I help my clients identify what they consider to be a media win before our campaigns begin. Often this involves industry and market research, outlining their business KPI’s and the type of media they would like to secure for their business (if they are acting as a spokesperson – this also extends to what types of media they feel comfortable conducting interviews with).

I have had clients identify media wins as broadly as ‘the number of media mentions per month’ right down to ‘securing one radio interview every week’. Your media win may consist of being featured in one key industry publication that will increase reputation and awareness. If you’re conducting an international PR campaign – perhaps article syndications, media mentions across multiple markets or the number of online hits is more important.

The fact that you get to define your ‘media wins’ is one of the best aspects of public relations – it’s all about what you consider to be a success, and what return you want to see from your media strategy. 

It’s easy to be influenced by the output of digital campaigns vs. traditional campaigns, or even comparing your media reputation and reach to that of a colleague or similar type of business. But the beauty of PR is that you get to decide the definition of success – and build your efforts, resources and entire strategy around that. 

Before you set off on the next step of your current PR or media campaign – ask yourself if you’ve truly defined what success looks like – and check that every step is working towards that goal to give you the best chance of securing it.

What is a media win? Whatever you determine it to be!

Katie Clift

Director | Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd | International PR Expert 

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