#PRPROTIP: The killer combo to snatch-up international PR coverage.


Yes, there’s a killer media combo to ensure you and your business snatch-up the most international media coverage for your message as possible.

It lies in one of the biggest mistakes I see companies make when it comes to seeking PR coverage in 2018: pitching their stories ONLY to online media journalists.

Sure, online news stories are accessible and uploadable 24/7, easily updated, they often lead the breaking news cycle and help companies achieve awareness, media relations and brand awareness easily across multiple markets. 

But there’s a killer combo that ups the online media ‘ante even further.  

Long-term followers will know I’m a strong advocate for pitching a story to as many relevant media outlets as possible (TV, radio, print, online, magazines, etc.).

But when it comes to the one-two punch – the killer combo to escalate global coverage quickly – it’s definitely print & online.

In many geographical media markets, print media still leads and guides the news of the day – journalists look to the printed newspaper to inform the top stories on TV, radio bulletins and even their online coverage. Believe it or not, print coverage continues to be priceless.

Often, we choose just one platform (online or print media) to secure a story at the expense of any coverage on the other platform – which is a huge disadvantage.

Because print and online work so well together, and aren’t threatened by each other – the killer combo is to pitch to print first, letting a story lead in a newspaper and create more online coverage from your pitch.

It’s your killer combo for international PR: print and online. Pitch to print first, then watch online journalists carry the story further. Priceless.  

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