Harness social media to strengthen your PR


It’s not one or the other when it comes to public relations, reach and impact. In 2018, traditional media and social media go hand-in-hand. One influences the other.

This doesn’t have to mean a double-up of your time, effort and resources. But it does mean working smarter to maximise your opportunities, utilising your media content on both platforms to have the greatest effect.

When it comes to social media as part of your PR strategy, it’s crucial to avoid the ‘one-way street’. One-way promotion of your content can leave your audience feeling ‘talked at’ not engaged in a conversation. 

Interaction and engagement are key. See your posts (on whatever platform) as an opportunity to start a conversation with an interested audience. By investing in your followers organically, your community can grow.

Social media is also a place for sharing. Your content will be linked, liked, shared and screen-shotted - if people feel engaged with it. An online community sharing your message is priceless, providing extensive coverage similar to the reach we see with traditional forms of media.

Social media provides a grassroots way to connect with relevant people in your community, while traditional media cuts through during prime time, having a great impact locally, statewide or nationally.

Harnessing social media to strengthen your PR doesn’t mean spending hours a day online. You can schedule posts to go live to coincide with press announcements, share a photo on set before an interview or re-post a media article you’re quoted in. Spending a few minutes every day integrating your socials into your media strategy can go a long way.

It’s also a way to engage with traditional media, believe it or not. I have re-tweeted, shared posts or commented on topical news stories of the day that are relevant to my client’s industry - only to have journalists contact us for formal comment. Being active on social media shows you’re in-tune with the topics of the day, aware of news cycles and interested in issues and events around you - not just your own agenda.

I try to spend about an hour on social media a day - across all relevant platforms. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Having a consistent social media presence builds credibility, strengthening your message and impact.

So jump online! A few minutes of investment today will strongly support your PR strategy and enable you to reach far more people.

Katie Clift

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Katie Clift