Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd

Invest in our PR Kickstarter for Startups & Small Business - at more than 50% off industry-standard rates* - for a limited time!

Get a fully-tailored PR campaign for AU$2,000 / €1,235 / £1,090 / US$1,425 per month** (excluding GST/VAT where applicable) including:

  • One media pitch created & executed every week - media releases and specialised pitches to secure feature articles, radio and TV interviews, CEO profiles, opinion pieces (and more) across your target region/s.

  • Personal planning, coaching, advice and tailored campaign execution from Company Director Katie Clift.

“I can say with much ease that Katie is a highly professional - responsive, flexible and resourceful person with a great energy and a sharp mind. Always thinking out of the box when reaching out to different media, Katie carefully selected the ones for the best coverage based on knowledge she has of that specific market. The content she wrote on the basis of information we gave her was perfectly tailored for our product. She up-cycled the content for every single pitch, pitching from different angles. Reaching out to different media - from socials to online magazines and radio - Katie showed much effort and a true belief in our products’ success. Would be grateful to work with you again, Katie Clift! - Lara Oven for EQUA, Startup, Slovenia

Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd are International Startup PR specialists, securing 30-50+ media clips per month*** for Startup & Small Business Clients across their target markets.

We specialise in international PR in the English language, delivering media campaigns in Australia, Europe, the US & Israel. Katie Clift is based in Greece to execute campaigns for global effectiveness.

“I contacted Katie and she got to understand my business of coaching, networking and connections and put an amazing down-to-earth spin on it, that I would never have thought of. She reached out to various channels with releases that were quickly responded to. Her work resulted in me be interviewed on radio with 4-5 stations per week regularly and newspaper and TV local news interviews because of her press releases. I could not recommend her services highly enough. She knows what the public needs to hear and how they need to hear it and this is something that is her unique asset for any clients choosing to work with her.” - Janet Culpitt, Small Business Owner, Australia

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*Based on MEAA Freelance charge-out rates, as of 2017.

**Discounted price applies for the first three months of a campaign, afterwards the full rate applies.

***Based upon average of campaigns conducted in 2018. Results may vary depending on the countries, product/service, and other factors.

****Offer is limited and subject to availability - get in quick!