The ONE THING to remember when staging a presser.


I’ve staged countless press conferences in my career. In my last job as Head of Media and Spokesperson for an Australian organisation, I averaged 40 TV and radio appearances every week. 

It’s safe to say I’ve learned how (and how NOT) to wrangle a presser - whether it’s a big announcement or a short statement.

In my years of experience - through the packed press calls and the slightly more… empty ones… (yes, it happens to the best of us) - I’ve discovered there’s ONE thing to harness for ultimate success when staging a presser. 

Sure, you’ve got to ensure your spokesperson is properly briefed, that every member of your team is fully prepared, that all relevant media materials are ready and waiting for journalists with answers to every possible question they could ever ask…

But THE ONE thing to remember when staging a presser? For ultimate success?

Stay. Calm.

Easier said than done. And it sounds super simple, but you would be surprised to learn how many media teams go into a frenzy at press conferences.

Make it your priority to stay calm, cool and collected. Journalists love dealing with PR specialists that have a clear head and aren’t too overexcited or overzealous about their story and the situation around them.

Take a breather, relax, smile, and act normal. Stay calm.

If you’ve followed the age-old PR advice (to network, network, network) chances are most of the journalists who front up to your press call will be friends or colleagues. Keep the experience informal, to-the-point, professional and sleek - but relaxed and calm.

You’ll get the knack after hosting press conference after press conference. Don’t be afraid to call a presser - use each one as an experience to become a better host. 

I stand by my advice - that you will learn something from EVERY press call - the raging successes and even the snubbed events.

I still feel an air of healthy nervousness when I decide to call a press conference - sometimes big stakes (and stakeholders) are riding on the media attention you’re able to snatch. 

But no matter the outcome - the PR professionals that stay calm win the day - whatever the coverage. Don’t let a press call de-rail your sense of professionalism. Chin up!

The calmest PR strategists with the smoothest press calls will secure the best coverage - time after time!

Katie Clift

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