Never be afraid to infiltrate.


Infiltration. Many PR professionals HATE the concept! 

Granted, if you infiltrate your media market with a pushy, hounding, relentless attitude then yes, infiltration won’t get you anywhere. But, when handled like an expert, the art of PR infiltration leads to media domination.

I have built my career with a strategy of infiltration across a range of markets, with a variety of organisations and messages - and it has worked every time. 

I find many PR strategists often lean too far on one end of the scale. Either they’re afraid to pitch their story strongly, timid about follow-up calls or lack the time and resources to push out content regularly. 

Or, we can become too pushy - we constantly serve our story up on social media and chase journalists endlessly for a few minutes of coverage that end up costing us far more, due to reputation damage.

There IS an infiltration sweet spot, and you can apply it to raise your media and social profiles.

1. Watch what you share.

The art of infiltration is all about sharing meaningful, interesting and entertaining content regularly. Remember: the media need us to do their jobs effectively. Journalists need our content for stories - they will pick and choose what is relevant to them. Serving up your content isn’t spam if it’s a give-or-take situation, and you don’t apply pressure for the media to respond either way. Just make sure your content is worth the read - informative, engaging, GREAT.

2. Think twice about follow-up calls.

This may be controversial - but I’ve been on the receiving end of PR pitches as a radio broadcaster. There is nothing more frustrating when I’m on deadline to get a show to air, and I receive the third call in as many days from a PR rep pitching story that I haven’t responded to. Journalists and broadcasters get hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces pitched every week. Don’t hound them with calls - let them call you, if they’re keen.

3. Lose the fear.

Lose the fear of infiltration. The PR industry has received bad press over the years for securing coverage at any cost. But we’re working in a fast-paced, 24-hour-news-cycle, digital-content-driven world - and we need to get over the fear of pushing our agenda. You should NEVER be afraid to infiltrate.

4. Dominate every platform.

Think about a strategy for infiltration. You shouldn’t be honing in on TV or radio coverage alone - the art is to serve up your content on every relevant platform. A message is reinforced to the public when they see a shared piece of content on social media, followed up by a radio ad the next morning and a TV interview the next week, all reinforcing the organisation and key messages - in an organic context. 

The goal is to be seen everywhere - to infiltrate - effortlessly. If you need to lose the fear - hit me up! I can help you learn to infiltrate and dominate.

Katie Clift

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