Make this ONE change & BOOST your coverage. Instantly.


Is your media traction slowing? Are you seeing fewer hits? Less pick-ups from pitches?

Make this ONE change TODAY, and I can almost guarantee it will boost your coverage.

The change? It’s simple.



The truth is - the media you’re trying to reach with your announcement, breaking news, story, launch… they’re just as interested in who you are as what you have to sell. If not more so.

The media need to be interested in you - not just your work, your media announcement or your business.

So, get personal! Get human! Use social media with fun, flair and personality to share who you are - not just announcements and industry/work-related posts.

If you have a spokesperson (or a few), encourage them to show their personality through their online presence, at speaking engagements and during interviews.

Tell stories, share your fav snaps of your pets, your cooking, your hobbies. Be vulnerable. Talk about the day you’ve had. Take every opportunity to share your personality.

I’ve often been invited to speak on radio panels, at events, and called for TV & radio interviews on industry-related stories that weren’t my personal pitch - because people knew me personally, not just what I was selling.

We’ve all unfollowed accounts online because all they post are promotions, ads, or boring, same-same content. Spice things up a bit and get to know followers of your industry, organisation and spokespeople - personally.

Get personal. It’s the one, simple change you can make today to boost your coverage. Instantly.

Katie Clift

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