The daily agenda of every good PR professional.


For well-over a decade as a PR professional, I’ve had one daily agenda: MAKE the news.

I’ve learned it’s remiss to simply wait around and rely on the daily news to guide our PR efforts - our stories, angles, social media posts - any of our daily content decisions.

All good PR professionals have an ongoing responsibility to create content that makes and shapes the daily news. Content creation, in your field and industry, isn’t up to the experts, thought leaders or third parties - it starts with you.

Daily content creation is one of the most successful PR strategies I have used for more than 10 years across the Australian and European markets to win consistent, high-level coverage, time and time again.

Whether it’s a letter to the editor, media release, media alert, social media post, feature article, blog, column or video - I understand that creating content daily is key to consistent media coverage and exposure.

PR professionals don’t simply respond to the news of the day - we help create the news of the day.

The reality is, by taking ownership and committing to creating new, fresh, timely unique content daily - we can own and shape the news agenda - every, single, day.

I create a daily power list that allows me to commit to a few key activities - day in and day out - that I know, if followed, will keep me and my clients on track.

One of the items, forever on the list, is creating new content. Is it at the top of yours?

Spending half an hour, or an hour, every day creating new content is vital to the success of any good PR campaign. It ensures variety, relevance and consistency - and allows us to remain front and centre on social media, and on the radar of our target audiences.

If you want more media coverage in 2018, you need good PR positioning to establish you and your organisation as experts, go-to contacts and leaders in your field - it’s all about content creation. Every day!

Do you need help creating new content daily?

Katie Clift

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