#PRPROTIP: Owned, Earned, Paid, Media – Explained!

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Owned, Earned and Paid Media? “Really… there’s three different types of media? I thought media was just … media…”

I’ve heard this a lot lately when explaining the differences – and inherent value – of each channel of media with my clients. So I thought I’d quickly break down the differences for you, too.

These are helpful definitions for any size company to understand for long-term success – if you’re a start-up, small to mid-sized business or rep for a large company, read on. 

Owned Media: These are the media assets you as a company own – your social media platforms, websites, YouTube channels, podcasts and more.  

It’s crucial that every company places an emphasis on making their Owned Media shine: it should be aesthetically pleasing for the viewer/reader, provide quality and quantity content that’s expected in your organisation and industry. 

Earned Media: My favourite type of media – enter PR! This is all the media you earn as a company through issuing press releases, statements, feature articles, op-eds, interviews and other media content. 

Earned Media is critical for every company, as it builds your reputation with your key audiences and the wider general public. Earned Media allows people to connect with you and your messages and services – people grow to like, know and trust you.  

Important: Earned Media is not Paid or Sponsored Media. That’s where its value lies. Earned Media can result in anything from major TV interviews to radio coverage, online or print feature articles – generated by your company creating news, an angle or a story that earns its coverage.

Paid Media: This is the most self-explanatory media platform – Paid Media is any media placement paid for by your company. From digital advertising to advertorials in magazines and print newspapers – even paying influencers to spread the word about your product or service.

Paid Media is also inherently important to every company – as it can broaden your reach and work in with your Earned Media to advertise and sell your messages to your audience. 

So, simply – Media isn’t just Media. The three biggest channels we all need to be aware of, and harness, are Owned Earned and Paid – now Explained!

My recommendation, to excel in the Media space locally and globally (whatever size your company) – you need a solid investment and mix of all three.

Katie Clift

Director | Katie Clift Consulting Pty Ltd | International PR Expert

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