The one winter health tip you’re bound to have forgotten this season


We rug up with big blankets, dose up on multivitamins, pop our slow-cookers on and think we’re ready to win the war against the winter season.

But there’s one winter health tip many Australians are bound to have forgotten this season: staying hydrated.

It’s easy to remember to drink more water when the sun is out, the sweat is on and summer is in full swing. 

But what about the winter months?

When we feel cooler, we can easily forget the need to drink more water. But staying hydrated is crucial in colder months - just as it is when the temperatures are warmer.

Heed our top five tips to winter hydration and ensure you drink more water on the way to good health! Cheers!

1. Don’t wait!

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. When we wait until we feel thirsty, it’s often too late - we may already be dehydrated - and our bodies likely haven’t maintained proper hydration throughout the day. Try to take a few sips of water every half hour to stay on track.

2. Keep a reusable water bottle handy.

It sounds simple - but how many of us forget to carry a water bottle with us? Keeping a reusable water bottle handy from the work desk to your handbag, to the gym, to your bedside table - reminds you to take regular sips.

3. Nail your favourite, functional style.

When you own a water bottle that you love - from colour, to style, design and functionality - you’ll be more likely to carry it, use it and take good care of it. Buy a bottle that suits your favourite style, and drink more water as a result.

4. Set up a smart reminder.

We have launched our new EQUA Smart Water Bottle on Kickstarter - the future of hydration in winter (and summer!) thanks to smart technology! The bottle reminds you when it’s time to take a sip of water with a subtle glow, tracking overall water intake and helping you build healthy hydration habits by linking to a specialised app. Get yours on Kickstarter with special offers until Thursday, June 28.

5. Know your hydration needs.

Our water intake needs are all different - based on a range of factors including our age, weight, environmental conditions and daily activity habits. Seek medical advice to find out the recommended intake for you - and set a daily hydration goal.

Remember - as little as two per cent loss in our body’s water content can result in dehydration.

Avoid headaches, lack of concentration, irregular digestion - all the symptoms that come with dehydration - and stay as healthy as possible this winter season.

Drink up!

Stella Korosec

EQUA Co-Founder

*EQUA has proudly launched the EQUA Smart Water Bottle on Kickstarter - it’s the future of hydration thanks to smart technology! Order yours with special offers before the Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday June 28!


*Press photos of EQUA Smart Water Bottle are available via Dropbox.

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