Stop ageism now - Queensland Entrepreneur calls #PressforProgress this International Women’s Day


A Queensland Entrepreneur in her 60’s has called for a stop to ageism this International Women’s Day - declaring gender and age discrimination has gone too far across Australia.

This Thursday (8 March) is International Women’s Day. The global theme, #PressforProgress, aims to unite friends, colleagues and communities around the world to think, act and be inclusive.

Entrepreneur, Author and Lifecoach Sally Thibault said this International Women’s Day was a strong opportunity for the country to press pause and consider its approach to women and ageism.

“I am an entrepreneur, now in my 60’s, still working full time, and mentoring women in their 50’s on navigating discrimination in their lives and careers,” Sally said.

“Women over 50 not only struggle greatly with gender discrimination, but age discrimination - and this has to stop.

“When it comes to their careers - many employers don’t understand the skills that women over 50 can bring to an organisation.

“Women over 50 are used to multi-tasking and balancing life, home and work - they are less likely to be called away for sick children - and they are loyal and grateful for the opportunity to work.

“Many women over 50 in Australia are impressively tech-savvy - they are well-educated, willing to learn - and they bring insight and wisdom to their workplace.

“In the past, a woman’s age has often been used against her. People have made assumptions about our abilities. 

“All that is changing now - and it is my priority to help women over 50 progress their careers and goals in life.

“I am proud to be part of a global network of women calling for a #PressforProgress this International Women’s Day.

“Now, more than ever, there's a strong movement for women to press forward and address age and gender discrimination. 

“All we need to do is seize it.”

Sally said her call to see a stop to ageism also involved action from women over 50 - it was crucial they brought a belief in themselves to the table.

“There have been many facets to my career over the decades. I have worked as a fitness instructor, seminar presenter, stay-at-home parent, educational marketer - and most recently an author, lifecoach and international podcast host,” Sally said.

“It’s vital that women understand the importance of reinventing themselves as they age - it’s key to their success and can be crucial in seeing them remain in the workforce long-term.

“We’ve entered a new era - where women are rewriting the rules about ageing, entrepreneurship, business and success.”

“Now we need all of Australia to join us - let’s #PressforProgress and empower women over 50!”

Sally has launched a series of one-on-one training for women in their 50’s to help them reclaim their lives, businesses and longer-term careers - whatever their industry.

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Sally Thibault is a mum, podcast host, speaker, author & international trainer, with a Dip. Prof. Counselling, ADAPEF. She is passionate about helping women aged over 50 reclaim their purpose, power and passion in life. Heard regularly on radio stations across Queensland, Sally has also been featured in Prevention Magazine, Fitness Pro Magazine and is in-demand internationally as a speaker and trainer. The 2&20 Principle ebook and guide by Sally Thibault is available via http:// 

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