This month, it’s time to reclaim your extraordinary self

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No matter our day job - business owners, students, stay-at-home parents, managers, employees… many of us, time and again, have had the feeling that we are here to do something far greater than what we’re currently doing.

Perhaps you feel you’re not investing where you should… or you watch other people create success doing what they love - but you’re not quite sure how to do it for yourself.

I have had these - and many other similar feelings of insecurity in the past myself. I know what it means to feel the inkling of what I would like to do, but being unsure how to make a proper living doing it.

I have felt stuck, unfulfilled, and held back from living 100 per cent authentically as who I am - and doing what I have always wanted to do.

But, I have also made it through those feelings - rediscovering my purpose, and reclaiming my extraordinary self - and it’s something I can help you to do, too.

So many of us live years of our lives struggling with these challenges - and being unsure of how to break through and live the life we know we’re meant to live.

After years of being honest with myself, and helping others to find the strength and courage to re-invent and re-structure the course of their goals and vision in life - I have created a two-day event that specifically addresses self-sabotage and imposter syndrome - to help more people rediscover their purpose.

I have been where you have been, and felt what you have felt. And I believe I can help - this month.

My event, Reclaim Your Extraordinary Self, will help you identify the personal patterns that hold you back and stop you achieving the personal and professional success you dream of.

I am passionate about helping people rewire a new belief system about who they are and what they can achieve, including strategies they can implement immediately.

My two-day event is for anyone who identifies with these feelings, challenges, struggles and conflicts. Whether you own a business, are currently unemployed, or have desired for years to move on from a job for a new purpose - but have been unsure how to do so.

If you want practical strategies and understanding to live out your purpose - releasing stress and anxiety to experience true joy and freedom - then this event may well just be for you.

Reclaim Your Extraordinary Self, held over the 30 June to 1 July weekend, will be two full days of transformation, information and implementation to help you, and many others, reconnect to your soul purpose.

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Sally Thibault| Lifecoach, Author Speaker

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