Nothing left to coincidence: EQUA tech elements support daily hydration


The creators behind the EQUA Smart Water Bottle say not one element of the design or technology was left to coincidence, in order to truly help men and women across Australia stay in charge of their wellbeing.

Designed to help busy people stay as healthy as possible, the EQUA Smart Water Bottle, which utilises smart technology to improve hydration, is currently on Kickstarter.

Co-Founder and CEO of EQUA, Anze Miklavec, said the specific technology behind EQUA’s Smart Water Bottle existed to fully support the wellbeing and performance of its users.

“It’s not that we can’t live without technology, but it’s the ease that it comes with, the convenience, the empowerment, to help with our daily routines,” Anze said.

“Drinking water is one of those simple daily routines, yet much of the population is still dehydrated, and the EQUA Smart Water Bottle is here because of that - to keep you on track and in charge of your wellbeing.

“EQUA’s smart hydration assistant connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth to enhance your hydration process with the EQUA app.

“There’s a big team working behind the creation of the EQUA Smart Water Bottle. We made sure it is supported with the best combination of hardware, software and firmware solutions.

“The app itself needed to be super user-friendly, yet powerful. The artificial intelligence components are what I’m most proud of as I believe every user is a unique human being, and requires a personalised hydration plan and support.

“This and much more is only the beginning of what the EQUA app will continue to develop in.”

The EQUA Smart Water Bottle reminds users when it’s time to take a sip of water with a subtle glow, tracking overall water intake and helping users build healthy hydration habits through smart technology.

“Not one element of the design process was left to be a coincidence - every part of EQUA bottle is considered from the functional aspect as well as from the design and aesthetics,” Anze said.

“The fact that you can carry your EQUA bottle everywhere is super important. You can even clip it on different hooks, it fits in your car cup holder, in your backpack water bottle case. In fact it will look good on your office desk as well as in the gym.

“A busy lifestyle sometimes calls for help of technology and so our message is that EQUA is a great gadget that helps us to be friendly to nature, and stay healthy.”

Minimalistic in shape and colour, EQUA Smart Water Bottle is crafted with a combination of light and durable stainless steel, a visually rich marble top and metallic handle.

With three colour options - Snow White, Pink Blush and Dark Grey - this smart and functional 680ml water bottle will also keep water content cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours.

The EQUA Smart Water Bottle has been launched globally via a Kickstarter Campaign, running until June 28, 2018.


During this period, customers around the world can expect a range of offers - including the limited- time early-bird discounted price of $48 USD (more than 40 per cent discount for the product, which has an RRP of $84 USD).

More information about the EQUA Smart Water Bottle, and to stay up-to-date during the Kickstarter launch, visit


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