The one thing you’re probably not getting enough of this summer


Long days, endless sunshine, perfect picnics and afternoon swims - there’s plenty of things we’re getting enough of this summer.

But when it comes to our health, one thing many people in the UK could do with more of - especially in the warmer months - is adequate hydration.

It’s all-too-easy to forget the simple daily task of drinking enough water and falling ill to dehydration. We’ve all been there and we all know the symptoms - headaches, lack of concentration, irregular digestion, even overeating.

As little as a two per cent loss in our body’s water content can result in dehydration, so it’s vital to keep those fluids up - especially on a warm summer’s day.

With the summer solstice hot-on-our heels for 2018 (we’ll get the most daylight of any day in the calendar year on June 21!) - we’re releasing our top five summer hydration tips. Drink up!

1. Don’t wait - drink now!

Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. If you do, it’s likely your body hasn’t maintained proper hydration throughout the day. Try to take a few sips of water every half hour to stay on track.

2. Invest in a reusable water bottle.

World Environment Day earlier this month reminded us all of the importance of investing in a reusable water bottle. Refuse products you can’t reuse - you’ll feel better for it, improve the environment and keep yourself healthy. Win, win, win.

3. Keep your water bottle in-hand.

It sounds simple - but how many of us forget to carry a water bottle with us? Keeping a water bottle handy from your home, to the office, to the gym reminds you to take regular sips throughout the day.

4. Spice up the flavour!

If you get bored of regular H2O - spice up the flavour by adding healthy fresh fruit - lemon, lime, berries or cucumbers all change-up the taste and ensure you keep on sipping.

5. Set a smart reminder.

We’ve launched our new EQUA Smart Water Bottle on Kickstarter - the future of hydration thanks to smart technology! The bottle reminds you when it’s time to take a sip of water with a subtle glow, tracking overall water intake and helping you build healthy hydration habits by linking to a specialised app. Get yours on Kickstarter with special offers until Thursday, June 28.

Our water intake needs are all different - based on a range of factors including our age, weight, environmental conditions and daily activity habits. For your healthiest summer yet - know your hydration needs, set yourself a daily water intake goal and keep drinking that H2O!

Stella Korosec

EQUA Co-Founder

*EQUA has proudly launched the EQUA Smart Water Bottle on Kickstarter - it’s the future of hydration thanks to smart technology! Order yours with special offers before the Kickstarter campaign ends on Thursday June 28!


*Press photos of EQUA Smart Water Bottle are available via Dropbox.

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