Master networker set to visit Toowoomba, helping locals build better relationships


South West Queensland locals will have the opportunity to improve their business networking and community relation skills when a Connections Expert visits the region next month.

Master Networker and Connections Expert Janet Culpitt will co-host an event in Toowoomba, Evolution For Progress, helping locals build better relationships.

Janet said the event was designed for businesses and employees, as well as community members.

“I have worked as a relational networker, business coach and connections expert for decades - helping people from the business and community sectors understand how to better connect,” Janet said.

“The old form of networking and connecting with others, as we have known it, is now starting to fail people across Queensland.

“My goal is to help managers, employees, those fresh out of university, stay-at-home Mums, community leaders, teenagers and teachers - everyone in South West Queensland - with their relationships.

“Our trip to Toowoomba is about seeing more people develop fresh, genuine, lasting relationships in their everyday lives - from boardrooms to playgrounds, and everywhere in-between.

“If you want to better understand networking etiquette, improve your speaking and communication skills and develop better relationships all round - this event is for you.”

Janet said the key to better relationships in the business and community sectors was being open, honest and prepared to contribute.

“Giving to receive is very relevant in networking and building real relationships. Having a willingness to ask questions of others, and to genuinely listen, is key,” Janet said.

“In many cases, all of us as Queenslanders need to shift from superficial, glossed-over conversations to really caring about each other - sharing experiences, ideas and learnings.

“We can all improve our lives and relationships across our communities - starting today. It’s about being willing to think differently about what it means to connect and contribute to our community.”

The Evolution For Progress event, hosted by Master Networker Janet Culpitt and Entrepreneur Sharon Jurd will be held on Wednesday May 16 from 8:30am to 5:00pm, at The City Golf Club in South Street, Toowoomba.

Registrations are now open via, and online at

More information about Janet Culpitt, including networking and relational advice, is available at


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