The great, global epidemic of loneliness.


Letter to the Editor from Master Networker and Business Coach, Janet Culpitt

Dear Editor,

Some commentators have called it one of the great global epidemics of our time - loneliness.

A lack of connection with others and the experience of social isolation is a heavy burden on individuals and our communities.

Globally, we understand the serious issue of social isolation. Being distanced from others can lead to a range of mental health impacts - including severe loneliness, low self-esteem, poor mental health and depression.

What we know less about, is how to improve it.

I want to encourage all of us reading today to prioritise our relationships and take the time to connect with others.

I am a Master Networker and Connections Expert. I help people become better networkers in their everyday lives. I teach them how to truly listen to others, connect with people and develop relationships that matter.

As a business coach, I understand that this is a crucial skill. I first started my focus on networking while self-employed, to get out and personally connect with others. For those working from home - part-time or full-time - this can be a great challenge.

Increasingly however, I’m realising this same skill is vital for all of us, in all of our communities - people from all arenas and walks of life.

Sometimes life can become so busy that we forget the very simple, and very fundamental act of socially connecting.

People can experience a sense of loneliness from time to time, or remain in a period of loneliness that stretches for months or years. Perhaps it’s hard for some of us to admit we feel out of the loop, disconnected or socially isolated from our surrounding networks and communities.

We all need to do better at looking out for each other - of being inclusive, inviting and engaging with a range of people around us. And maybe some of us need to reach out for help and support.

We may never know the person we walk by on the street, or stand behind in the supermarket line, or greet as an acquaintance at a social event is actually experiencing serious loneliness.

Research shows many Australians believe the world is becoming a far lonelier place.

I hope that isn’t true. And with all of us making a daily effort to take notice of people, to engage in discussion and to truly care - it doesn’t have to be.

Janet Culpitt | Master Networker | Connection Expert | 0418 781 657 |


About Janet:

Janet Culpitt is a renowned Relationships and Networking Expert, Business Coach and Mentor in South East Queensland. She has used networking to grow her business, and coaches business owners to achieve the same. Janet regularly contributes to various Business and Networking magazines. She and her husband Steve each have over 30 years experience in the Financial Services arena.

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