It’s time to rewrite the rules - a Gold Coast Entrepreneur helps younger women find success in business


A Gold Coast Entrepreneur in her 60’s has dedicated 2018 to helping younger women in business find success and reinvent their careers.

Lifecoach, Author and Speaker Sally Thibault says there’s been a surging trend in women over 40 and 50 needing to reinvent themselves and their careers - here in Australia, and around the world. 

And, she says, it shows no signs of slowing.

“Whether it’s women becoming entrepreneurs, creating start-up companies or changing their career trajectory altogether - women over 40 and 50 have to become more flexible, creative, daring and driven in our day and age,” Sally said.

“That’s why I’ve dedicated 2018 to helping these women find success in business - and in life.

“We’ve entered a new era - where women are rewriting the rules about ageing, entrepreneurship, business and success. 

“We are part of a group referred to as ‘trailing edge’ baby boomers, born between 1955 and 1964. 

“In the past, a woman’s age has often been used against her. People have made assumptions about our abilities. 

“All that is changing now - and it is my priority to mentor women on how to create a new career - and continue working and building businesses well after they turn 40 or 50.

“There have been many facets to my career over the decades. I have worked as a fitness instructor, seminar presenter, stay-at-home parent, educational marketer - and most recently an author, lifecoach and international podcast host.

“I have a lot to share about identity, building new businesses, launching into a new career - and reinventing yourself for the Australian workforce.

“It’s vital that women understand the importance of reinventing themselves as they age - it’s key to their success and can be crucial in seeing them remain in the workforce long-term.”

Recent studies show that 60 is rapidly becoming the new 40. Sally says now is the time for Australian women to seize their future and plan ahead.

Sally has launched a series of one-on-one training for women in their 40’s and 50’s to help them reclaim their lives, businesses and longer-term careers - whatever their industry.

“Business plans are key - but this is also about self-confidence, self-belief and women finding guidance and wisdom from someone who has been there - a mentor,” Sally said.

“I want women in their 40’s and 50’s to know the business world has opened up to them - that this is their time to recreate their future and start dreaming again about their careers.

“The practical and the business side is crucial - but so too is the psychological component. These women need someone to help coach them to believe in themselves and to go for their goals.”

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About Sally:

Sally Thibault is a mum, podcast host, speaker, author & international trainer, with a Dip. Prof. Counselling, ADAPEF. She is passionate about helping women aged over 50 reclaim their purpose, power and passion in life. Heard regularly on radio stations across Queensland, Sally has also been featured in Prevention Magazine, Fitness Pro Magazine and is in-demand internationally as a speaker and trainer. The 2&20 Principle ebook and guide by Sally Thibault is available via http:// 

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