How three simple words changed my health and wellbeing forever: two and twenty.


I’ve lived through decades of health and fitness messages. Low-fat, high-fat, high-protein, low-sugar, paleo, ketosis, clean eating… cross-fit, HIIT, yoga, jazzercise, low-intensity cardio, zumba…

But now, I’m over 60 - and I can honestly say, through the ups-and-downs of fad diets over the years - it’s only recently that three simple words actually did change my health journey for good.

Two and twenty.

In fact it’s a strategy I personally developed after working for years in health, fitness and wellness. I’ve found it to be the simplest strategy for personal transformation in any area of my life, and in the lives of many of my health and fitness clients too.

The principle is to help all of us commit to sustainable daily habits. I break down my goals into segments of 20 minutes daily, or twice a week, or twice a day - to simply get them done.

The idea is that to lose weight, make a personal emotional change or develop success in your career - creating a smaller segment of time you can commit to, makes it more likely you will achieve your goals.

The 2&20 Principle can be applied to almost every personal goal in any area of life. I’ve used it for four main areas in my personal life: health and wellness, exercise and energy, inner focus and spirituality, productivity and success. 

For losing weight or getting fit, I apply 2&20 to my exercise routine - a 20 minute walk, or sessions of 20 x rounds of my favourite exercises, with two rest days per week. 

When it comes to food, I aim for two alcohol-free days each week, two meat-less meals to increase veggie intake, two glasses of water every two hours, or even two ‘anything goes’ cheat meals every week - dependant on my goals and, when it comes to clients, their individual health circumstances. 

When it comes to getting more focused on work - I commit to two hours a day, minimum two days a week, of focused, intentional, uninterrupted work. 

I spend two days a week with a creative or administrative focus, spending only 20 minutes twice a day on social media and using 20 minutes to declutter every day. 

These three words - two and twenty - this principle - works, because it’s easy to commit to. 

Once you start, you get motivated by how easy the commitment is, and excited to continue implementing it.

The clients I work with have said this principle has transformed parts of their lives. They say they feel like at the end of the day they have achieved so much, and that following 2&20 makes it so much easier to do so.

Other clients say they feel like they have regained control in their life. That they are actually in control of their time - not the other way around.

If you’re fed up with fad diet, exercise, career and life advice - why not try 2&20? What have you got to lose? 

Those three words may just change your life journey forever - as they did for me!

Sally Thibault

Queensland Lifecoach, Trainer, Author, Speaker.


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